Migration Option beyond BNO (Hong Kong Residents)

With the recent uncertainty due to China and Hong Kong regulations in recognition of BNO holders; Spain is a better migration option than the UK and has many advantages.

A 500.000euros Investment will grant a Golden Visa for 3 generations plus a flexible choice to live; work; or study in renowned schools visa free; continue with a luxury lifestyle and enjoy a low cost of living.


Alternatively choose to continue to work in your own country and enjoy rental income from your investment until you are ready to migrate.

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Post Pandemic & Healthcare

The Covid-19 crisis has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives. For many people, their home has become a hub for work; exercise; learning; socialising and relaxation.

The Knight Frank Global Survey 2020 survey report, not surprisingly, showed is that buyers want space. Some 45% of respondents claimed they are more likely to buy a detached family home now  than they were prior to Covid-19, with waterfront homes (40%) and rural homes (37%) also being favoured.

Spain is one of the best countries to live in post crisis
Spain is one of the top locations for those considering a move abroad post-Covid-19; high quality healthcare service; exception value for money for properties; low cost of luxury living.

Healthcare in Spain
Healthcare in Spain is globally recognised as one of the best in the world. There is a range of private medical packages; with basic cover starting from €30 per month. By comparison UK medical cover normally starts from £75 a month depending on the plan and cover required. There are a total of 21,458 pharmacies and 453 hospitals in Spain, and over 99% of population is covered by health insurance.

Why Spain

Spain has a constitutional monarchy and is based on a parliamentary democracy. Power is highly decentralized; the autonomous communities have a high level of legislative, an executive and fiscal autonomy.

Spain is the 5th largest economy in Europe and grew by 2% in 2019.
The European Fund for Strategic Investments continues to favour Spain and financed €60.6 billion in 2020; in comparison to Portugal €17 billion and €21.2 billion for the UK 
This means that potential investors can benefit from:
    - Free movement of goods and services; capital and people

    - Trade without intracommunity tariffs
    - A single currency
    - Funding for SME’s
Spain has a modern; knowledge-based economy in which services represent 75% of its business activity.

Spain’s appeal for foreign investors lies not only in the strong domestic market, with 46.6 million consumers but in the 80million tourists each year. In 2019 Spain had one of the highest numbers of international tourist worldwide, spending €92M.
22 of the largest Spanish companies has entries in “Forbes Global 2000” largest companies in the world.

Spain has generated 25.7% of all employment created in the Euro Area since 2014
The total value of exports and imports of goods and services in Spain equals 66.6% of  GDP.
Murcia is a small region is South East Spain with just over 2% of the land territory but accounts for 21.2% of the Nations Fruit and Vegetable export revenue.
The economic growth in Spain drove national house prices to rise by over 10% in Q1 2019 for brand new properties and over 5% for resale properties.  

There has never been a better time to invest in property in Spain!

Why Murcia

Murcia  is located in at the Southeast of Spain, with over 300 days of sunshine; average temperatures of 21 degree Celsius;  and over 271km of Mediterranean and Mar Menor coastline. The Region has great infrastructure with 3 airports and 2-hour flight time to London and Paris and other European cities.

Murcia is in the Mediterranean Corridor and port of Cartagena is one of Spain's most important in terms of freight transport and Sea Ports and Cruise ports to destinations around the world.

Murcia has over 22 golf courses including the famous prestigious La Manga Club with a host of international tournaments; amazing beaches for water sports; and access to world gastronomy including Asian, Chinese, and Western.  Most of these Golf Resorts were built from 2005 onwards giving a wide range of modern, low maintenance villas and apartments.

Murcia is a city of Business Opportunities; International Education and Excellent Health Care; which includes Chinese medicine; dry seafood, and acupuncture.

Low Cost of Luxury Living

The cost of living in Spain is one of the lowest in Western Europe, even in the cities. Leaving aside rent or mortgage payments, and depending on your lifestyle, a couple could easily live on US$20,000 to US$22,000 a year and continue to dine out regularly.
Spain is an immensely popular location for British families and couples to migrate for a new life or retirement. Aside from the sunnier climate and healthier quality of life, the cost of living in Spain is 30-40% less than in the UK and is a major contributing factor for British people to move to Spain.
According to Mercer’s report 2020, Spain is ranked number 87 lowest in cost of living and least expensive country for luxury living. Unsurprisingly Hong Kong is the rated most expensive city in the world by the same report. Below are other countries for possible migration ranked from most expensive to least expensive.
Hong Kong: #1
Singapore: #5
London: #19
Taiwan: #28
Bangkok: #35
Spain: #87

These are a few of the key reasons that attracted over 280K British, 200K from Greater China including Hong Kong (through the Golden Visa Programme), and close to 100K Portuguese to migrate to Spain and purchase, open a business;  or retire to Spain.

Renowned Education Programme

There are over 80 Universities and tertiary education colleges in Spain, most of which are public and state-funded (50); and the rest private (32). In 2019, around 1.4 million students were in higher education in Spain, including 50,000 international students, and 11.7% from Asian/Oceania.

Spain´s Golden Visa is one of Europe’s most successful immigrant investor programmes and particularly appealing to young families.  Spain offers excellent opportunities for children to have receive a quality education and a “steppingstone” to top Universities in Spain; Europe; UK and the US.

3 key benefits from investing in Spain’s Golden Visa to consider:
- Children can study “visa free” at a renowned international school with the option of the UK national curriculum; with the opportunity to top UK Universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, and other Russell Group acclaimed universities.
-  High rental yield return with the purchase of a new property with private pool; close to some of Europe’s finest beaches; award-winning golf clubs; sporting activities, Art and Culture.
- Prepare for citizenship and retirement in to one of the healthiest countries with one of the lowest costs of luxury living in the world.


The Region of Murcia boasts 3 Universities and 3 business schools. At Secondary level there are several International colleges – King’s College Murcia, founded in 1969 and recently awarded “Private Education Group of the Year”, and El Limonar International School.   All International Schools offer education from 3 to 18 years old.

Business Opportunities

Another excellent opportunity to obtain a Spanish Golden Visa is through business investment. Murcia is the only Spanish region with a “Fast Track to Investment” programme allowing investment projects to cut bureaucracy and easy access to licenses and permits. An investment proposal is determined within 48 hours.
Two key government trade commissions in Spain are:
Invest Murcia - https://bit.ly/31lDDfs
Spanish Chamber of Commerce - https://bit.ly/2CSfX8T
Murcia Villas Properties will not only provide connections to support a commercial investment but also connect you with schools and local authorities.
Invest Murcia is a one-stop-shop where all proceedings are managed via Regional Agency of Murcia.
Invest Murcia assists with:
- Setting up a Spanish company
- Opening a branch
- Operating as freelancer
- Association with established companies
- Distribution agreements
- Operations through an agent
- Operations through a sales representative
- Opening a franchise


Chinese and Asian Friendly Region

Concerned about not able to access daily Asian needs? Murcia is an Asian and Chinese friendly  Region; and it is easy access to Asian and Chinese supermarkets; spices; even acupuncture and holistic medicines , Chinese Traditional Medical Clinic, as well as Chinese and Asian restaurants. Today, there are more than 200,000 Chinese people living in Spain. This number does not include those who have already acquired Spanish citizenship.